About Us

Here at Rickey Meche’s Donut King, it is our mission to pair customer service with the highest quality donuts, king cakes, and kolaches in Acadiana, made fresh daily! Our world-class king cakes, kolaches, and donuts are made with the best ingredients and brought to you fresh daily.

It’s the reason we’ve been in business for over 50 years!

In 1968, my father,  Ewell Meche was recovering from an oil field injury and decided to help my mother with her newspaper delivery. On his newspaper route, he would deliver papers to a donut shop on Johnston St. called Veon’s Donuts. The owner at the time, Elton Fontenot, was looking for a manager to run his donut shops. My mother and father decided that they would take on the task of managing the shops while still delivering newspapers. After two years of managing the donut shops, Mr. Fontenot asked my parents if they would be interested in buying the three donut shops he owned in Lafayette. The reason he wanted to sell the three donut shops is still unknown,  but my parents jumped at the chance to buy them, and Veon’s Donuts became Meche’s Donut King.

Our shop is more than just a place of business. Bought from the previous owner, rebranded, and named Meche’s Donut King by my parents, the bakery quickly became a newfound love. I have fond memories of making donuts with my parents in our shop. With my mother’s persistent drive for high-quality customer service, it did not take long for Rickey Meche’s Donut King to become a hit among the locals. This dedication and originality has allowed my shop to become one of the pioneers in the Acadiana area. 

Making our customers’ day a little sweeter by serving them the most important meal of the day is what motivates us to get up at the crack of dawn to make our hand-crafted donuts, king cakes,  and kolaches. Without you, we would not have the opportunity to spread our passion throughout Acadiana, and for that, I truly thank you for being loyal to the original Rickey Meche’s Donut King!

- Rickey